Smart Solutions for your Data

The Devr browser based design suite makes it easy for users, teams, and entire
organizations to onboard themselves quickly and begin solving complex and previously
challenging data privacy and compliance problems.

Devr Edge3 Platform


Devr Kits


Our solutions ensure that organizations stay within the parameters of the General Data Protection Regulation which governs the law on data protection and privacy for any business operating within and with the EU and the European Economic Area.


Devr’s privacy stack for Fintech accelerates DeFi solutions to market with support for both digital and traditional assets. Our Web3-integrated framework provides granular cross-institutional traceability with ecosystem-wide data lineage for digital asset rehypothecation, built on a foundation of transparency and continuous compliance.

Industry 4.0

Our tools give organizations full control of their data control by harnessing the power of industry 4.0 whilst still delivering automation and operating within next generation data exchange ecosystems.