Federated compliance for IIoT

Kickstarting the data sharing economy

Data privacy and security are the most challenging aspects of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. While other challenges exist, IIoT data risks uniquely require cross-enterprise cooperation for resolution. Without frameworks to enable the negotiation of data risks, IIoT innovation will continue to stagnate.

To appreciate the challenges innovators face we need to begin by understanding market drivers.

Let's imagine that we own a company: "Wheel Test Company". We manufacture an instrument that inspects tires to meet a variety of standards, such as durability. Our instruments are deployed in factories and certification laboratories all over the world.

The instruments themselves have a high capital cost and the tire-inspection market is very competitive. Our capex models are under constant pressure. Our customers want to move towards an opex model, or an equipment-as-a-service model. Our competitors are issuing press releases for advanced features like predictive maintenance.

The technical solution may seem self-evident to most engineers. Data extraction from our deployed equipment solves all our customer and competitor challenges. By collecting the rich set of data our instruments produce, a clear and simple roadmap emerges for tackling almost any market challenge. (chart)


Figure 1: All innovations start with continuous compliance

But accessing production data, even from our own equipment, soon begins to hit one risk after another: Privacy, Security, Regulations, Localization, Cross-border, 3rd-party abuse. In tightly regulated industries this list can grow to dozens of risks, each of which must be overcome for IIoT solutions to be deployed at scale.

Taking one step back, what the Wheel Test Company needs to do is to build an ecosystem. But data ecosystems require participants, each with a unique set of data risks that require unique interpretations for unique definitions of compliance. The challenge for Wheel Test Company is not just solving their own data risks. What's required is a framework that allows each of the customers that join their ecosystem to regulate and resolve their own data risks.

We can refer to this challenge as federated ecosystem participation. By 'federated' we mean that the ecosystem has a common and broad sets of rules but allows each collaborating enterprise some degree of self-governed membership.

What Wheel Test Company requires is a framework for federated compliance with negotiable continuity. Without it, next generation IIoT solutions are difficult, almost impossible to achieve.

The troubles faced by Wheel Test Company plague many IIoT companies and hammer innovation across vast global industries. Market pressures combined with increasing regulatory penalties create a demoralizing labyrinth for companies to navigate.

Tackling these issues across broad categories of industries requires a new approach for the safe creation of data sharing ecosystem.

Devr is a new Internet protocol for governance of decentralized privacy networks, powering cross-enterprise data assurance and monetization.

Devr solutions provide Wheel Test Company fine-grained control over the data their instruments produce. Our protocols provide secure, neutral, and flexible data formats for protecting complex and proprietary data production at source.

Devr's Web3 infrastructure provides a decentralized framework enabling each Wheel Test Company customer to govern their membership. This ability to create a simple framework for enterprises to negotiate their own compliance encourages the organic growth and acceleration of data sharing cooperatives.

Devr solutions accelerate next generation solutions to market. Wheel Test Company can produce next-gen PoCs in weeks and launch ecosystems in months.

Please contact us at info@devr.com if you would like to learn more about the Wheel Test Company’s journey towards innovation. And let us know if you would like to participate in Devr’s Beta program and evaluate our solution.

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